Committee Meeting Summary – 11th June 2022

Cymdeithas Rheilffordd Llyn Tegid

Bala Lake Railway Society

Summary Report from the Committee Meeting held at 7.30 on 11th June 2022.


Present: Dave Fildes, Peter Miller, Bob Newton, Mat Peacock, Nick Talbot, Tim Williams. Apologies received from: Ben Barnes, Brian Bennett, Cathy and Martin Houghton and Dave Scotson.


The National Park Authority has confirmed no planning permission is needed for the new Llanuwchllyn disabled toilet. The Society will co-fund construction, paying half the cost, or £10,000 towards it (£9,000 plus donations from committee members), whichever is the lesser amount.

Liz Partridge has been hired to help clean and maintain the volunteer accommodation at Llanuwchllyn. We are very pleased with this arrangement and thank Liz for her work. We ask all users to help keep the facilities clean and tidy and to report any problems to Liz or the committee. Plans for further upgrades, especially to the kitchen and its contents, are nearly ready: suggestions on any aspect of accommodation provision are always welcome.

Cathy and Martin Houghton were not able to come to this meeting and sent a written report on membership matters instead. They also expressed their profound thanks to all those who sent them cards and messages of support following Martin’s surgery.

At the moment, there is no sign of the economic climate having a significant impact on membership numbers.

As required by the 2021 AGM, the Constitutional Sub-Group discussed Honorary Memberships and reported to the committee. The proposed new regulation was approved and will be sent to the 2022 AGM for a final decision. The intention is to award Honorary Membership to non-members of the Society who have made outstanding contributions to the Railway. It would confer, for life, all the privileges of membership apart from the right to vote at the AGM or to stand for the committee. Honorary Members would be subject to the same conduct rules as all other members. The committee also thanked Nick Talbot for sending complimentary copies of the Llanuwchllyn Express to many non-members who support our line: this will also continue to happen.

The Constitutional Sub-Group will next look at complaints procedures and a code of conduct. Ideas and comments are invited: please send them to the Secretary (

The reintroduction of Life Membership was approved, with regular, senior, associate and canine rates. This differs from Honorary Membership as anyone can become a Life Member by paying the special fee. Life Members will have the same rights and responsibilities as those who renew annually. Payment by instalments will be available.

It was unanimously agreed that having online options at all committee meetings should continue, especially in the current economic climate. However, committee members can and do also meet in person: a donated computer will be made available to help committee members meeting at Llanuwchllyn to connect with others online. It could also have many other uses.

A proposed timetable for September 10th 2022 (Members’ Day and the AGM) has been submitted to the Company for appraisal. At the AGM, the committee will ask the members to discuss whether terms of office for committee service could be extended (e.g. to three years, instead of one) and how this would be made to work. Comments from members are welcomed in advance: please contact the Secretary or any committee member.

The Secretary will take over management of the Members’ website on 17th June. Society news, requests for volunteers and summary reports of committee meetings are to be made available without the need for a password.

The Society needs more merchandise to sell on the publicity stall. Ideas for this would be welcome, and also suggestions for how to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Society (in 2023).

We have been asked to look again at the possibility of creating a memorial area for members, volunteers and friends of the Railway who have passed away. After the meeting, Bob ‘Shell’ kindly agreed to lead this project on the committee’s behalf. Please contact Bob or anyone on the committee if you have any views on this.

The meeting closed at 21.43. Minutes recorded by Mat Peacock. The next committee meeting will be in mid-late July, possibly on Saturday 30th at 7.30 PM – date and time to be confirmed.

Mat P

Society Secretary