Committee Meeting Summary – 7th July 2023

The Meeting commenced at 7.30 PM.

Present: Dave Fildes, Cathy and Martin Houghton, Chris Jackson, Peter Miller, Hilary Moorhouse, Mat Peacock, Dave Scotson, Francis Stapleton, Nick Talbot, Tim Williams. No apologies for absence were received. On 8th July, Brian Bennett resigned from his post as Vice-President, via email.

The Trust pays membership fees to the Society on behalf of those people who do were given free membership because they are members of the Red Dragon Appeal. The Committee decided that, even though membership fees have gone up, no commensurate rise in payments from the Trust should be sought, so as to help with Extension fundraising.

Following a decision to purchase the telephone box and other display items on Llanuwchllyn platform for the Railway, it was decided to use money from the Tombola Fund to do this. The items will become Railway, not Society, property.

The Society will make available up to £500 for the replacement of the defective Home Signal post at Llanuwchllyn.

It was also decided to start a President’s Golden Jubilee Appeal, marking the 50th Anniversary of the Society in 2023. Following discussions with the Company, it was agreed that this Appeal should be directed at signalling projects, not including the above Home signal which will be paid for separately, but including the considerable amount of signalling equipment needed for the Extension. It would also raise money for the remaining work needed to make Llangower Signal Box fully operational and token machines for the whole (extended) line. This Appeal was to be launched at Llanuwchllyn over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

The Society Stall’s appearance at the AGM weekend was very successful, enlisting at least six new members and raising significant donations for the Extension. Since then, it has also appeared at Statfold Barn and at several events in North-West England. Those involved with the Stand believe that we need more merchandise to sell, second-hand and new – and, consequently, space to store this merchandise between events.

The stall and Society banners will be appearing at Llanuwchllyn at the Alice the Engine event, at Bala School for the Model Show (September 21st – 22nd), at the Hazel Grove Model Show at the end of October and at the Warley Model Show. But it could attend many more events if we had the volunteers and the organisation. The Society Secretary has been working on an email contact list specifically for Stall volunteers: it would be advertised in the next issue of the Express.

Providing and helping to maintain accommodation at Llanuwchllyn for members and other volunteers is perhaps the Society’s most important role. However, in spite of spending considerable amounts of money recently, the Committee recently received some extremely worrying reports on the condition of soft furnishings upstairs, the lack of cleaning being done by accommodation users and the amount of rubbish being left behind. Also, there is a pressing need to upgrade the kitchen area has been clear for some time. A plan was presented for the kitchen renovation and it was also decided that a Terms and Conditions notice for all users of the accommodation should be created. It was also decided that Hilary Moorhouse should take on the role of Accommodation Officer and that a budget of £1500 should be allocated for accommodation improvements, including rebuilding work in the kitchen. This rebuilding work would also create extra storage.

A special train will be run on 13th August to commemorate what would have been George Barnes’ 100th birthday.

The Society and Company are considering running a Teddy Bears’ Day Out event in 2024, in support of the Teddies for Loving Care charity, which supports children with serious medical conditions and children in hospitals more generally.

The Meeting closed at 9.15 PM.

Mat P

Society Secretary