Committee Meeting Summary – 17th March 2023

Cymdeithas Rheilffordd Llyn Tegid

Bala Lake Railway Society

Summary Report from the Committee Meeting held at 7.30 on 17th March 2023.

Present were: Dave Fildes, Cathy and Martin Houghton, Chris Jackson, Peter Miller, Hilary Moorhouse, Bob Newton, Mat Peacock, Francis Stapleton, Nick Talbot, Tim Williams. Apologies were received from Dave Scotson.

Some ideas for a President’s Appeal to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Society were discussed but no decisions were reached. In the event, the subsequent outcome of the Extension Planning Meeting made it clear where our fundraising priorities would have to lie. There were also some discussions about awards of honorary Life Membership.

It was decided that, owing to increasing costs, there needs to be an increase in annual membership fees (the last one was in August 2015). Many preserved railways have reduced or abolished preferential rates for seniors in the last few years and it was also decided to reduce, very slightly, the differential between our senior and non-senior-adult subscriptions. The changes were kept as small as possible given that, since the war in Ukraine began, 40 people (at the time of this meeting) had not renewed their membership. The Membership Secretaries thought that no further rate rises would be needed for at least two years.

The detailed proposal, which was passed unanimously, was as follows:

Type Current Fee Suggested Revised Fee Increase
Adult £18.00 £20.00 +£2.00
Associate £12.00 £14.00 +£2.00
Senior £13.50 £16.50 +£3.00
Family £36.00 £40.00 +£4.00
Junior £12.00 £12.00 unchanged
Dog £  2.00 £  2.00 unchanged
Overseas Europe £  5.50 £  7.00 +£1.50
Overseas Rest of World £  9.00 £11.50 +£2.50

We hope to be involved in a possible new edition of ‘Slates to Velinheli’, subject to the permission of the copyright holders.

The Society will be sending a publicity stand to the Warley Model Exhibition again this year, after its success in 2022. Funding was set aside to purchase extra tickets (in addition to the standard stall-holder ones) so that extra volunteers can attend.

Arrangements for the AGM (20th May) and Members’ Day (21st May) were discussed. It was hoped to be able to run a mixed train and have a Society stall, subject to enough volunteers being available to staff it. There will be light refreshments at the AGM itself (2.30 PM) and a Saturday evening meal at The Eagles.

A lengthy discussion of proposals for the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure followed – including whether these would be the right titles. It was agreed that the Society needs to do more to prevent harmful situations from occurring. However, there was no consensus as to how best to do this. Some of those present wanted a couple of general clauses to be added to the Society Mission Statement, given that almost all volunteering is under the aegis of the Company. Others wanted a comprehensive Rule Book. After over an hour of debate, the ‘Code of Conduct’ group was asked to continue its deliberations, and all elected persons were urged to keep thinking about this matter.

There is a possibility that the Society might be involved in the purchase of a historically-significant wagon, for display in the Heritage Centre. However, detailed information about the vehicle’s current condition was not available and investigations will continue.

Mat P

Society Secretary