Elections at the 2023 AGM (20th May)

Elections at the 2023 AGM (20th May)


All the candidates standing were elected. As the Meeting had already voted to move to three-year terms of office, the candidates were elected for varying lengths of time, so as to set up three groups which will henceforth be elected in rotation. Please see the list below.

The number of votes for each candidate will not be made generally public but all members are entitled to know it should they so wish. Please email the secretary, Mat Peacock, at secretary@bala-lake-railway.co.uk if you wish to know the precise number of votes for any candidate(s).


Peter Miller (President) (until the 2025 AGM)

Brian Bennett (Vice-President) (until the 2025 AGM) (Brian subsequently resigned in July 2023)

Julian Birley (Vice-President) (until the 2026 AGM)

Chris Jackson (Vice-President) (until the 2024 AGM)


Tim Williams (Chairman) (until the 2026 AGM)

Dave Fildes (Vice-Chairman) (until the 2024 AGM)

Mat Peacock (Honorary Secretary) (until the 2024 AGM)

Dave Scotson (Honorary Treasurer) (until the 2025 AGM) (Dave passed away at the end of 2023)


Cathy Houghton (Joint Membership Secretary) (until the 2026 AGM)

Martin Houghton (Joint Membership Secretary) (until the 2026 AGM)

Nick Talbot (Llanuwchllyn Express Editor) (until the 2025 AGM)

Francis Stapleton (Heritage Officer) (until the 2024 AGM)


Rob Houghton (Committee Member) (until the 2024 AGM)

Hilary Moorhouse (Committee Member) (until the 2025 AGM)

Bob Newton (Committee Member) (until the 2026 AGM)

Mat P

Society Secretary